Warm & Fuzzy : Hot cocktails for those cold nights

If there’s one good thing about the colder weather, it’s got to be warm drinks. This Christmastime, up your game and leave spiking your instant coffee to the amateurs – you, my friend, have two excellent and mega simple recipes up your sleeve thanks to #TeamCoco . Cheers!


Bombay Sapphire Spiced Apple Tea


50mls Bombay Sapphire

15mls Martini Bianco

20mls fresh lemon juice

3 thin slices of apple

1 cinnamon stick; 3 clove; 3 cardamom pods (broken); ¼ vanilla bean

1 black tea bag

15mls honey

150mls water & 50mls cloudy apple juice



Add water, honey and apple to a pot and heat

Add spices and tea bag when hot and allow to simmer for 5 minutes

Remove tea bag and add apple juice. Strain.

Add Bombay Sapphire, Martini Rosso and fresh lemon juice and stir before serving.

Serve in a large tea cup

Garnish: Orange zest, spent apple slices and nutmeg sprinkle


Grey Goose French Coffee


35mls Grey Goose La Poire

75mls Warm Speciality Filter Coffee

15mls Demerara Sugar Syrup

Double Cream

Garnished with ground nutmeg



Build all ingredients in a French coffee glass. Float double cream on top.

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