The Beach vs. The City: How To Choose Between The Two

Here at House of Coco we love a mini break to the city but equally, we love a beach break so that we can top up our tan and sip cocktails on the sand. But how can anyone decide between a beach holiday and a city break?

You’ve got to ask yourself whether you’re looking for adventure in the hustle and bustle, or a week or two of uninterrupted relaxation by the coast.

To help you make the right decision, travel experts from share their five favourite things about beach holidays and city breaks, as well as some advice for anyone torn between the two:

5 Reasons Why The Beach Is Still The Best

1-All-Inclusive Holidays For A Luxury Stay

An all-inclusive stay is key to your dream holiday. Where else can you enjoy cocktails at the swim-up bar and tasty treats, delivered straight to your sun lounger?

2-The Perfect Weather For A Perfect Tan

Unless you’re really unlucky, you can expect the sun to be shining during your beach break. Wherever you decide to go, you’re guaranteed to come back looking sun kissed and healthy.

3-Swimming In The Sea – Scuba Diving, Anyone?

If there’s one thing a city break doesn’t have, it’s the sea! Scuba diving, water sports and ocean excursions are just a few of the many leisurely activities that may influence your decision.

4-Partying In The Sun – From Caribbean Carnivals, To Ibiza Nightclubs!

When it comes to summer parties, the beach is the place to be. Often you can go out in just a sarong and a bikini. Ibiza is home to some of the world’s best nightclubs, including Pacha and Space. Elsewhere, the Caribbean’s carnival culture is something you simply have to experience.

5-The Beach Is Right On Your Doorstep

Who doesn’t love the beach? You can play volleyball, drink cocktails at the bar, and bathe in the sun until your heart’s content. In other words, there really is no contest.

Prefer The Hustle And Bustle?


5 Reasons Why City Breaks Can’t Be Beaten

1-A World Of Cultural Experiences And Discoveries Await You

There’s nothing more exciting than stepping out of the airport into a brand new city. Research your chosen city far enough in advance to make the most of your trip. Plan day trips to all of the best landmarks, ancient monuments and art galleries for a holiday to remember.

2-Amazing Nightlife In Some Of The World’s Best Cities

The city is where all the action is.  And nowhere is that more apparent than in the nightclubs and bars, from Cape Town’s famous Long Street, to the infamous Bangkok red light district. Head out and prepare to see a completely different side of the city, which only comes out after dark!

3-Travelling from City To City, Why Stay In One Place?

Tired of Barcelona? Why not head to Madrid for a few days? Most cities boast fantastic public transport links, making inter-city travel incredibly easy. There’s nothing stopping you from spending a few days in two completely different cities.

4-Easy Access To And From The Airport

A two-hour transfer from the airport to your resort can be a little draining, especially after a long flight. One of the great benefits of a city break is that the airport is usually just a short taxi ride or shuttle bus to the centre of town.

5-The Food!

City breaks are all about sampling local delicacies and authentic delights. Take our previous advice and live like a local. That means dining in restaurants off the beaten track, and buying lunch from the local market.

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