Soda Folk – Uncommon Flavour for Uncommon Folk

OK burger buddies, we’ve just found THE ULTIMATE pairing to your stacked patty – it’s the awesome Soda Folk root beers and cream sodas – they’re a lusciously sweet dream when guzzled down with a hearty Byron burger (the guys went on the menu when they were just starting out, major props for getting a listing with our favourite burger joint so early on!)

Also stocked at our dream food hall in Selfridges (AKA home to our newest mag – pick both up whilst you’re there!), the House of Coco gang are getting ready for a new addiction!


Soda Folk was founded by Colorado native, Ken Graham – when he moved to London from the states, he found himself homesick for Coloradan Root Beer.  Ken decided it was about time he brought craft sodas to the UK, with nothing artificial added, just the best quality ingredients he could find and simple recipes that make for delicious libations!

Using the famous Rocky Mountain craft breweries in his home state of Colorado as inspiration, Ken created Soda Folk’s modern-classic recipes with high ideals in mind. Just as with craft beer, Soda Folk uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure a great-tasting refreshment every time and trust us, they’re a flavour BOMB.


Soda Folk Cream Soda is made simply with carbonated water, pure cane sugar and Madagascan vanilla extract packing a luxuriant flavour punch, ideal for pairing with food, supping alone or as a partner to a smooth dram of Bourbon – HIYA. Soda Folk’s Root Beer Soda is also made with a base of carbonated water and pure cane sugar, but is taken spicy new heights with the uniquely pungent root, wintergreen; rounded off with aged vanilla and pure maple syrup, the creamy drink is an ideal pairing to the classic American hamburger, a novel cocktail ingredient and is taken to a whole new level as part of a Root Beer Float.

Both Soda Folk’s Root Beer and Cream Soda feature on Byron’s drinks list, but, trust us, go off the grid with the secret menu choice – just ask your server for a Soda Folk soda float or hard float by adding ice cream, a shot of bourbon – or both – you won’t regret it!

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