SkinCeuticals – A New Standard In Skincare!

You may not have seen or heard of SkinCeuticals before – it is huuuge in America and it only retails at spas, surgeries, clinics and online – but this is a beauty brand everyone should be taking note of.


SkinCeuticals sets the standard in the cosmeceutical industry by using only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and devoting countless resources toward research. They employ top cellular and molecular biologists, chemists and biophysicists—with a few dermatologists and plastic surgeons thrown in—to better understand the processes of ageing and other epidermal conditions. With such highly qualified scientists developing and making these skin care products, we expect mega results that are visible pretty quickly so we had our beauty editor Scarlett test out a few products from the SkinCeuticals range to see whether they live up to our expectations…

Established in 1997, the SkinCeuticals research team, led by Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, pioneered the making of high potency skincare products. They were born from years of skin cancer research, backed by science and proven to penetrate optimally into the skin. They had the first patent on the original topical vitamin C formula that protects skin from premature signs of aging caused by environmental damage. Today, SkinCeuticals continues to set the industry standard by developing innovative and first-to-market technologies.

Celeb devotees of the brand are Christina Hendricks, Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Katherine Heigl who all use their best selling product Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 to keep themselves well protected from the sun and looking young.

The SkinCeuticals range works on the philosophy of preventing, protecting and correcting the skin and their products fall into one of these three categories. You should use products from all of these categories to get the full protection for your skin and best results. Here are the products Scarlett tried and her thoughts…


Blemish + Age Defense



This is a serum textured product in the Correct range that can be used twice a day to correct visible signs of premature skin ageing but also is perfect for anyone who experiences the odd breakout or mature acne. It uses an acid blend of 2% dioic acid with an optimal alpha- and beta-hydroxy acid formulation. It’s nice to see a skincare company recognise that it’s not just the teens who experience pimply skin from time to time! Im warned that it may sting a little on application (it does – but nothing too be alarmed about) and I feel it instantly smoothing out my skin. This is the closest thing I’ve found to an acid peel in a bottle, I would wake in the morning after using it every night with super smooth, radiant, clear skin. Probably my fave product of the range!


Hydrating b5


Enriched with vitamin B5, Hydrating B5 replenishes the skin with moisture to leave skin feeling smoother and appear looking younger. This moisture-enhancing serum contains hyaluronic acid, naturally present in the body. This is a serum texture again so isn’t rich like your usual moisturiser but is wonderfully silky and glides over the skin. I loved using this underneath makeup as a base as you don’t get the stickiness you can with creams and it sinks straight into the skin without leaving residue.


Redness Neutralizer


Redness Neutralizer protects against visible skin redness associated with environmental triggers whist helping to protect the skin’s barrier. So this one I actually gave to my boyfriend to try as he suffers with redness, especially in winter time and we noticed the results within the first 2 weeks! His skin was much more one-toned after using only once a day.


Resveratrol B E



As the skin ages, it can accumulate excessive free radical damage and lose its efficiency to effectively repair at night. And this compounded effect leads to accelerated signs of visible ageing such as loss of density, elasticity, and overall skin radiance. This night serum is new to the SkinCeuticals range and is a potent formula to really boost your skin’s anti-ageing abilities and prevent any more damage from free radicals. It’s gel texture is beautifully smooth and keeps your skin hydrated all night. Beauty restored!


Simply Clean


Ideal for normal or combination skin, this gel cleanser combines an hydroxy acid blend with botanical extracts. This product helps to improve the feel of a smooth texture while gently helping to remove impurities, excess oils and make-up. This leaves the skin feeling tight and thoroughly cleansed before applying all the serums and potions!


Brightening UV Defense


Like the celebs fave mentioned previously, this Brightening UV Defense SPF 30 provides high broad-spectrum protection from everyday sun damage. But not only does it prevent, this corrective and protective sunscreen also helps to stop the occurrence of future brown spots and pigmentation by working deep within the skin. It texture is perfect under makeup, really light and smooth. I can see why its a best-seller!

After using these SkinCeuticals products, I could definitely see the difference with my skin. I thought I had pretty good skin anyway but the little imperfections and uneven skin tone I did have, now seem much clearer and smoother, so much so that sometimes I even leave the house without foundation now (this is a big thing for me!). Id recommend these products to anyone who wants to try something thats top quality with really potent, science backed formulas, which have come from some the of best minds in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry.

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You can purchase SkinCeuticals at registered clinics, use the UK store locator online to find your nearest clinic, spa or salon.

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