ShoeShoeBags Exclusive x Edwina Kulego

We at House of Coco are all about innovative fashion. Especially when those latest trends are convenient and oh so ever chic. When our team got word that International Business woman and style influencer Edwina Kulego, planned to collaborate with Candian based shoe bag company ShoeSoeBags we were all ears to hear every detail.

ShoeShoeBags is a Montreal based brand founded by Camille Bonne. The idea behind the brand started when Camille was looking for creative ways to keep her pumps, slingbacks, and sandals in superb condition while on the go. Camille was able to identify a gap in the market and create a product for women who love their shoes and want to easily transition their look.




HOC: What demographic of women did you create the ShoeShoeBags for and what qualities did Edwina exhibit that formed this flawless connection?

Camille Bonne:  ShoeShoeBags was created for the busy, positive and dynamic woman. Edwina naturally meets this definition; she’s always on the go. She immediately understood our brand vision and values.

ShoeShoeBags offers shoe bags designed to carry and protect your shoes in your everyday life. From the original black to vibrant bright colors, the bag is a true depiction of today’s renaissance woman. The exclusive collaboration will be available in 5 colors and 2 styles. The Zip Up style will cater to the shoe lover who’s shoe option for the day is lighter; i.e a sandal or slingback. The Riser style is perfect for a bootie or a shoe with a platform. Developing a practical yet fashionable product was key to the collaboration. With Edwina’s background growing up in Sweden and her appreciation for millennialism the connection was a no brainer.

HOC:  What drove you to connect with ShoeShoeBags and what benefit do you foresee for users of the bags?

Edwina Kulego:When I was introduced to ShoeShoeBags, I was thrilled to have found a stylish solution to help transition from heels to flats and vice versa. There are so many benefits to the bag: protecting your shoes, preserving your feet, and enhancing your look.

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