Review : The Bellagio, Las Vegas

House of Coco recently had the pleasure of visiting one of Las Vegas’ most prestigious hotels : The Bellagio. Here, our writer Paul Oliver tells us all about it.

When you first see the Bellagio you are swept away by its architectural beauty. Its curved facade seems to embrace the visitor, and in front there is a calm lake edged with Italian-style villas. Suddenly it all changes! Enormous fountains are propelled from the lake in gravity-defying sequences, the water jets dancing and interweaving. These regular displays throughout the day and evening are a magnet for visitors who throng on the Las Vegas Boulevard (‘The Strip’). One evening the display was accompanied by recordings of Italian opera music, and when it finished the audience burst into spontaneous applause! The fountains can be watched by all, and in a sense that symbolizes the open-access approach of the Bellagio. Guests or visitors alike can wander through the splendour of the reception area, the shopping concourses and the visual displays. Children are entranced by the glass flower petals of the reception ceiling, and by the seasonal fairyland displays (around the theme of Autumn when we were there).

(The wonderful flower glass ceiling in reception.)

The democratic approach to the Bellagio experience is also reflected in the wide range of restaurants. From a Michelin-rated two star restaurant to the Bellagio ‘buffet’, there is something for everyone. The word ‘buffet’ does not really do justice to this extremely popular experience. It might be more accurately described as a gastronomic feast, and considering the scale and quality of the food, very reasonably priced.

The Bellagio is a luxury modern hotel on a grand scale, and has all the level of facilities which one would expect from such an international standard hotel. But it has something else which in my view is more important than sheer luxury – and that is its staff. Wherever I went in the Bellagio, whether to ask for information, directions or assistance, I received a friendly, warm and natural welcome. And the offer of help was not restricted to guests. At the very front of the hotel, I noted people who did not seem to be guests, asking for directions or advice, and they were treated courteously and helpfully without anyone asking whether or not they were staying at the Bellagio. Whether it was a staff member at the bell desk looking after my luggage, or an attendant at the pool, all staff were uniformly friendly and helpful.

(The fairyland autumn display – adored by children!)

The Bellagio is a wonderful hotel, with luxurious fittings and a lovely pool set in beautiful Italian-style gardens. But long after these features have slipped from my mind, I will remember the staff who welcomed us at the buffet and served us drinks, the staff who helped us by making phone calls, and the staff who tidied our room. The Bellagio staff made us feel at home, and that is worth more than any luxury!

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