Interior Design on an Extremely Tight Budget

If you are the type to sit and flick through a copy of Homes & Gardens when you are sitting in the dentist’s waiting room, you probably fall in love with a Scandinavian style bathroom or a vintage sofa and think “I can never afford that in a million years…” Well, you’re right, but this doesn’t mean you can’t create a fabulous interior design scheme for your home.

Most millennials have very little disposable income because they are too busy saving up for a mortgage deposit. However, with good taste, some cool ideas, and a willingness to get stuck in, you can transform your home from bland to stylish in one weekend – and here’s how.

Paint the Walls
Anyone can paint a room in a weekend. A large tub of white paint won’t break the bank and giving your room a minimalist look is cool and bang on trend. However, too white is not always appealing, especially if you have kids, so it is a good idea to use small amounts of colour to break up the white.

Leftover paint is a cheap and cheerful way to create some cool paint effects. If you don’t have any colours left over from a previous decorating project, check with family and friends to see what they have knocking around in their garage. Mask out some stencils on the wall – horizontal or vertical lines love fabulous – and have fun with a small paint roller or a brush. If you don’t like the end result, you can always start again with a different colour.

Shabby Chic
Shabby chic paint effects are all the rage right now. You can use paint effects on any old furniture as long as it’s made from solid wood. Breathe life into a scruffy pine table or oak chair with some chalk paint or milk paint. Branded chalk paint is rather expensive, but you can buy powdered milk paint online and mix your own for a lot less money. This type of paint is eco-friendly and completely safe to use. Have fun with crackle paint effects – check out some ‘how-to’ videos on eBay if you are not sure where to begin.

Floor Coverings
If your home has wooden floorboards, hire an industrial sander and restore your floorboards to their natural glory. But, if you prefer something softer underfoot, buying carpets online from Big Warehouse Sale will give you plenty of options. A cheap beige carpet remnant will not cost much and you can always replace it once you have more money to spend.

Get Crafty
Instead of buying expensive designer cushions and curtains, have a go at making your own. Look for fabric remnants online or visit a local auction house and see if there are any wholesale fabric lots for sale. It’s easy to make cushions by hand, but you may need a sewing machine if you want to make some curtains or blinds. If you don’t have one, borrow a machine from a friend.

Don’t let a lack of money put you off. It’s amazing what you can do with some time and determination!

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