How To Feel Confident And Healthy During Summer

Summer is just around the corner; blue skies, hot temperatures, crop tops, hot pants and visits to the beach are not far away. Although summer comes with so much fun, it can also lead to those insecure thoughts creeping in, such as how can I look good in this crop top without my belly popping out? Will I look too big in this bikini? It is common for many people to feel a little shy with their body image, especially for those on the larger side. 

Of course, we all want to look good and shine with a great body and beautiful skin, but that is not all to life. With the right nutrition, a little exercise, some fashionable clothes and some tender loving self-care, it is easy to feel confident and healthy during summer.

Go Shopping

Studies have proved time after time that shopping reduces sadness due to the release of serotonin. Plus, with shopping suddenly comes unexpected powers. We can carry more than we always thought, which is also a great and fun way to exercise. The euphoria about shopping is even so high that we spend the rest of the day with a big grin when thinking about our the new shoes we just bought.

When going shopping, opt for clothes that fit well. Don’t just buy clothes you will not wear, or clothes you plan to wear when you lose weight because the day may never come. Buy clothes that can easily flatter you and make you look slimmer such as a pair of skinny jeans. You can click here for some great plus size jeans.

The Right Nutrition

To purify your body, you should drink warm water with fresh lemon juice every morning. Also, consume foods with plenty of protein and low fat such as chicken, yoghurt, curd cheese, and fish. At best, you should completely abstain from sugar.

Visit The Spa

Your mental and physical well being must not be neglected. With a rejuvenating spa treatment, you will feel at ease, vibrant and your skin will be beautifully smooth. Don’t forget to ask for a proper wax treatment so you can show off your beautifully smooth legs. Painful yes, but definitely worth it.

Last but not least, a good tan ensures a summery complexion. However, make sure that the shade matches your skin type and is not too dark if you opt for fake tan.

Exercise Often

No doubt you wanted to make yourself fit in the last few months of summer so that you can attract some attention on the beach with a well-trained body. Didn’t we all? Unfortunately, chocolate and all those fun foods allow excuses to come. That is not a problem though, because, with a little exercise, you can lose those extra calories.

Exercise makes the brain work better, so start with 30 minutes of sports every morning. For example, jogging, jumping rope and swimming are ideal. These sports burn a lot of fat in a short time. Not to forget the strength training, and squats, which are great for a tight butt and defined legs. 

Also, exercise combined with the right nutrition, you will soon see real successes that will motivate you to stay on the ball.

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