#CocoCountryside : Escape to South Devon

There is nothing budget about a Bentley Bentayga, however, it’s the perfect road trip partner that will have you arriving to any destination looking and feeling like a somebody. #TeamCoco recently took the Bentayga on a little adventure to South Devon where we rested our head in one of the friendliest hotels…

Thurlestone Hotel

Offering a warm welcome and timeless charm, the Thurlestone Hotel holds a unique appeal among Devon hotels. Whether you join them for total relaxation or a taste of adventure, Thurlestone offers an idyllic retreat. A four star hotel, it’s not the pinnacle of luxury but what they do, they do right! Rooms with views that go on for miles, toiletries that you will want to take home in your handbag and a spa that will have you feeling zen quicker than you can say ‘oil me up’, this is a hotel worth blowing the budget for.

Perfectly poised overlooking the coast, the hotel is a walkers’ paradise as its location plays centrepiece to some of Devon’s most spectacular walking trails. We opted for a not too strenuous stroll and wound up at a cute little shack, The Beach House, where we decided to order a bite to eat while watching the sun set over the sea. What we weren’t prepared for was being robbed in broad daylight, no attackers in sight, just the overly inflated prices for goujons and chips where two portions in polystyrene boxes set us back a staggering £26. If we had known that ordering some take out food to eat by the sea would mean remortgaging our house, chances are we would have skipped the mediocre goujons. Nevertheless, our affliction was soon forgotten about after a chilled evening of cocktails in our luxury, seaview room – the perfect ending to our seaside break. 


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