Eat Your Way Around Krakow

Krakow is a beautiful European city, rich in culture and well known for it’s medieval core and Jewish inheritance. Traditional stewed and fried polish plates are adventurous with ingredients, anything goes here.  From sweet pastries to stewed dumplings, washed down by a shot of strong Polish vodka. This country offers brave and bold dishes.


The most popular dish in Poland and top of tourists to try lists, pierogies, known to us as dumplings. The delicious filled dumplings are quite similar to ravioli with a variety of different flavours including spinach, potato and cheese, spicy feta and onion chutney. Some are traditional fillings that will be found across most menus in Poland whereas other restaurants experiment with all sorts of flavours in different ways, take the pierogi pizza and casserole – sounds very unique. Pirozki U Vicenta located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter serves wacky and wonderful pierogis including, lamb, rosemary and thyme or liver and apple. They certainly tickle the taste buds.

White Barszcz Zurek

On a cold winters day everyone loves a good hot soup to warm us up dunked with delicious stodgy carbs. The Polish have invented soup in a bowl made out of bread. Humble, yet exotic. The usual soup consists of ham, sausage and potatoes – very filling. As I walked past restaurants in the Old Town Square many people were eating the favoured dish which intrigued me to try it. It’s certainly one of the best meals I won’t forget. Milkbar Tomasza is a cosy restaurant serving all kinds of flavoured soups.

Potato Pancakes

Mmm, fried pancakes. Anything fried makes my mouth water. They are pretty similar to the UK’s hash browns. However, these fried potatoes come with toppings just like pancakes, both savoury and sweet. Ranging from mushrooms, sour cream sauce and apple sauce.  The Polish potato pancake has been a staple in the country since centuries ago when there was less food around. Bar Grodzki is a casual walk in restaurant that serves crispy potato pancakes for as little as £3.00.


In Poland this apple pancake is eaten as lunch or a snack but I decided to eat it as a dessert – it was one of the best sweets I’ve ever tried. It’s pan fried, stuffed with apples and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It comes from the same family as crepes and are created in a similar way. In some parts of Poland the scrumptious dish is seen as savoury and is served with fish soup or mushroom soup. It is also a Christmas Eve tradition and is served as part of the dinner. Milod Malina is a polish restaurant located on the royal route that is rated one of the best places in Krakow for tasty racuchy.


These are sold on every corner in Krakow at fresh bakery’s. The Polish class Packzi’s as fried cakes. They are served on fat Tuesday, as splurge food before Lent comes around. The light and fluffier version of a filled doughnut. They are filled with classic flavours of rosehip, prune, apricot, strawberry, raspberry or sweet cheese and covered in sweet icing sugar. Gorace Paczki is a fast food cake shop, located in the Old Town, offering a wide range of different fillings including rose marmalade and chocolate cherry.





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