Designer Spotlight : Alina Petra

Elena is the #girlboss behind swimwear brand Alina Petra. A brand that is not for the faint hearted, it’s for those that like to make a statement and see the beach as the runway. 

Here, we spent some time with her to find out more about her brand, plans for the future and so much more…

When did you launch the brand and what was the reason behind it?
The brand was launched in 2016. I think it is all started with me modeling swimwear when I just came to Los Angeles and since I love spending time on the beach and always in search of a perfect bikini, I decided to design them myself. It is a very popular industry in Los Angeles.

Whats your background?
I was born in Ukraine, but spent most of my life in US, where I attended Academy of Art University majoring in fashion design.

How many people are involved in the company and what are their roles?
I am the only owner and founder of this company, so we are still very new and small, but it is definitely a team work, I wouldn’t be able to do it without very talented and successful people I am working with. 

If you could start over with the business, would you do anything differently?
Yes, definitely! I could’ve saved myself a lot of time and money if I knew everything about this industry that know now, but those mistakes were the most important life lessons for me.


What is the hardest challenge you have faced since you started the company?
Running the company! Yes, it was the most challenging thing to learn.

Tell us one fact about you that people wouldnt know?
I love Kundalini yoga and I do it every day when in Los Angeles.

2017 is here, where do you plan on taking the brand?
I am hoping to expand internationally, that is one of my goals for 2017.

To date, what has been the highlight since launching?
Being featured in Vogue is definitely beyond my expectations and also being recognized as a swimwear designer for the first time when I was vacationing in Cabo, Mexico. I think it was 4 months after launch, so I was so thrilled when a woman came up to me in the Resort I was staying and told me how much she loved my swimwear line. Things like that keep me going. 

Which city do you feel most at home in, London, Paris or New York?
It has been my biggest question to myself lately, I love both, London and Paris, and feel so home and welcomed in both.


Three beauty products you can’t leave the house without?
My Chanel powder, Lancôme matte shaker and LV Rose parfume

Style means….?
Style means to me to keep an eye on the latest trends, but knowing what works best for your body type. And well groomed hair, that is a must.

Statement shoe or statement bag?

If you had to, what piece of clothing from your wardrobe would you wear everyday?
I love dresses, so it would be a dress I have, very simple, flattering and comfortable, that can be worn from day to night.

Most memorable piece of advice given to you?
Never compare yourself to anyone, we are all unique and talented in different way

Guilty pleasure?

If you could spent 24 hours in anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would love to see Petra in Jordan, which means ‘rose stone city’ and considered to be the new seven wonders of the world. After all, we have the same name.


In future, how do you plan on expanding the company?
I have so many ideas of what I would like to do, and since I am living in Europe now, I hope it will bring new possibilities for me.

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