Deck the halls – but more importantly the tables – this Christmas!

With the season of festive frivolity upon us, London’s most sought after wedding and party planner, Bruce Russell shares his top tips with House of Coco on how to entertain this Christmas.

Known for his unparalleled passion, flair and style, Bruce is an respected authority on the theatre of entertaining, the knack to being the perfect, polished host and the art of ‘tablescaping’ – one of the hottest new trends in creating stunning tabletop artistry. Whether you’re planning a glamorous cocktail party, a decadent dinner or perhaps a romantic, snowy winter wedding, Christmas is the perfect time to pull out all the stops and really revel in the virtuosity of entertaining. Just remember…


  1. Feast your eyes on this…

Tablescaping is indeed ‘an art’ and should be a veritable feast for all the senses! Select a colour palette that suits your home and don’t be afraid to dabble in different, distinctive shades. Introduce a selection of textures such as fabrics, crystals and beautiful adornments that can offer variations  in shape and height to add depth and perspective to your tabletop.

Christmas Day. Credit - Amara low res

  1. Blooming marvellous

Florals should complement a table, not overpower it. Tablescaping is all about creating a chic, elegant but nonetheless comfortable setting for your guests. Whilst it may not be the traditional adage associated with festive overindulgence, remember that in this instance, less can be more!


  1. Timing is of the essence

Always endeavour to time everything to perfection, even if the evening’s merriment puts you a little off track later on! The key to achieving effortless timekeeping, without inflicting authoritarian rule on your guests, is to keep lists hidden around your kitchen – drawers, cupboards, serving dishes! A vibrating timer is another trick to keep up your sleeve – you don’t want endless alarm bells overpowering the festive soundtrack


  1. Get spaced out this Christmas

When decorating your home for Christmas, try not to over-clutter. For every Christmas decoration, try to remove an element of your everyday décor – that way you won’t crowd the space. Why not update your rather tired looking photo frames by replacing the photos with some suitably jolly snaps from Christmas’ past.

Christmas. Credit - Amara low res

  1. Christmas by candlelight

Don’t overdo the scented candles – too much really can be overwhelming! Stick to one main candle in each room of the house and try to ensure they have the same, or complementing, scent. By all means go to town with scent-free candles but do ensure they’re out of reach – the last thing you want is a visit from the Fire Brigade, when a guest’s dress hem or shirt sleeve has caught fire. The rest of the evening will quite literally go up in smoke!


  1. Don’t be a slave to the kitchen!

If you’re not planning to hire caterers, it’s essential that you plan as much of the menu as possible in advance. Your guests want to spend time with their host and not feel guilty that you’re sweating over the stove! Better still, hire some gorgeous staff to help!


  1. Excess makes for success

Christmas is the season of excess, extravagance and indulgence – take heed! You may have additional party-goers arrive on your doorstep or a guest may have a last-minute ‘plus one’. Ensure that you have more than enough food and drink, just in case so as to ensure you really are the perfect host…

Christmas Day 2. Credit - Amara low res

Armed with top tips on how to glide effortlessly from one Christmas soiree to the next, all that’s left is to ensure that your home is brimming with suitably stylish homeware and objets d’art. As part of his new venture, The Bridal Room Bruce has teamed up with luxury retailer, Amara which boasts over 200 aspirational home fashion designer brands, including exclusive arrangements with Missoni Home, Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren Home. Be it a Christmas list for Santa, or a super special wedding gift list, Amara’s coveted collection of homeware is perfect for those with a penchant for entertaining.


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