Cool Haircut Trends To Follow in 2018

Well, to be cool or not to be, that’s the question! A new haircut is just fine, as long as it doesn’t inevitably result in a fashion blunder. While looking cool is rather a natural personality trait, the right trendy haircut might be the first fashion step that can take to create the essentially “cool” persona. The idea is to keep up with the trends, whether it’s the return of old school girl plaits, or a new experiment in the over-cool bob category. Let’s look at some of the top coolest haircut trends that’re ruling the 2018.

The super-cool bob cut 

The ubiquitous bob. Yes, that’s what it’s been called in hair styling circles. A hair cut trend that’s seen the test of the time, the bob is a welcome cut that stayed, and grew. Short hair is always seen as a cute and wispy style in terms of options for your hair. All a girl needs to do is to air dry her hair with a little skill, and she’s good to go. Whatever the current trend is, a chic bob is at vintage as it can get. Some says it does not look good on dark skin, but they are completely wrong. There are several bob hairstyles for black women and they look great when they flaunt in such hairstyles.

The tousled wavers are back this summer 

The shoulder length cut is as cool as it can get when it comes to hairstyles. The waves give a casual look and the uneven edges add the funk element. The haircut is as cool as it can get in 2018.

Sleek long bob with side bangs

That’s another bob to fall in love with this season! It’s charming and suits some women more than the traditional bob. What a hairstylist does here is pretty simple – the stylist bends the edges of the cut a bit, and adds a side swept bang to cover the rest of the forehead.

Wavy one-side ponytail

That’s one hairstyle that’s a favourite of corporate woman. It’s elegant, sweet and chic. The low side pony is a must-try for your next business meeting. The wavy look and sexy side bangs, if one chooses that, gives a professional look.

Low twisted Chignon with neat side sweep

Chignon is absolutely delightful and you can always count on it in your bad hair days. The chic chignon, especially a low one gives out just the right vibe. All one needs to do is side-sweep the hair, and convert it into a low twisted chignon at the nape of one’s next. An elegant hairdo that’s appropriate for both formal and casual occasions!

High bun with side sweep

There’s nothing like a sophisticated high bun. It enthuses confidence and class. The smooth bun when coupled with a side sweep can be carried with any professional attire. It’s a sight to behold even in formal functions.

There’s nothing like a super-cool hair day. Whether you want to give a lasting impression at your workplace, or at a party, the idea is to remain yourself, cool and carry it with some personal style. Follow these cool haircut trends and start your 2018 with a stylish bang.

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