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Holidaying on a plantation in the heart of Saint Lucia sounds heavenly to the travel writers at House of Coco, so we thought we’d spend an afternoon dreaming of doing exactly that.  Our travel writer Rachel McAlley set out to find out all there is to know about Hotel Chocolat and their stunning Caribbean hotel.

Nestled among the cocoa groves of the Rabot Estate plantation, looking out over the majestic Piton Mountains, you’ll find the Hotel Chocolat: Boucan.

Situated 1,000 feet above the Caribbean Sea on Saint Lucia, the hotel’s décor is inspired by luxurious plantation chic.  Meanwhile, the restaurant serves innovative cacao cuisine, which uses the bean as a subtle spice and a delicate infusion as well as the rich, deep heart of desserts.

Guests lay their heads in one of six Lodges or eight larger Luxe Lodges, which marry Hotel Chocolat’s contemporary style with traditional West Indian charm, and each are perfectly positioned to catch the cooling, soothing tropical breezes that waft across the 140-acre estate.

When they’re not taking in the views from the infinity pool at Club Boucan or unwinding with a Cocoa Massage at the hotel’s Cocoa Juvenate Spa, guests explore the island – strolling through the cocoa groves, trekking to the summit of the majestic Gros Piton Mountain, driving to the volcano and sulphur springs for a dip in the mineral-rich water, and creating their own chocolate right from the cocoa pod they picked from the tree on the Rabot Estate.

Rabot dates back to 1745, and is a place where style unites with the drama of big nature and, of course, cocoa and chocolate – and nowhere is the connection between the island and Hotel Chocolat’s chocolate better exemplified than in the Engaged Ethics programme, which has regenerated cocoa-growing on Saint Lucia, creating a sustainable market and giving local cocoa growers a secure income and the confidence to invest in their farms for the future.

Designed in reverence to the stunning natural beauty of their rainforest surroundings, accommodation at Boucan comes in two incarnations – Lodges and Luxe Lodges – both of which are a unique blend of traditional Saint Lucian charm and contemporary British style.  All rooms are positioned to catch the cooling ocean breeze and are furnished with premium luxury and comfort in mind – and the views are quite simply to die for!

Boucan also offers a luxury club and spa which gives exclusivity to the hotel guests, from an infinity pool and stunning views of the Piton Mountains, to wellness therapies, and of course full body treatments that incorporate many cacao based products.

Staying at the hotel wouldn’t be the same without experiencing the revolutionary dining options at Boucan Restaurant.  Cacao cuisine at Boucan isn’t about arbitrarily adding chocolate to everything, but using the best part of the cocoa pod for each dish.  It might be the tangy pulp, roasted bean, aromatic shell or crunchy nib, as the rich heart of an indulgent dessert or a complex savoury spice.

The foundation of the menu is the superb local produce found all over the island, from a huge array of fresh fish and seafood to delicate salad leaves, vegetables and the plentiful fruit grown on the estate itself.  Expect dishes such as fish bouillon, vegetable run-down, chicken bois bandé – marinated in West Indian ‘magic rum’ – and chocolate lava cake.

For more information about Hotel Chocolat: Boucan simply search online and you’ll be drooling at breathtaking scenery and chocolate loveliness before you know it.

We have just one question from House of Coco, ’When can we visit?’

Rachel McAlley

Rachel is currently a UK travel writer and beauty writer for House of Coco, she spends most of the week locked away in her country garden studio watching the world whizz by, and most of the weekend whizzing around the UK!

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