#CocoLifestyle : How To Customize Your Life

Customising your possessions is a great way to personalise your style and allow your true personality to shine through. Do not be put off by thinking you need a big budget if you want to customise your life, because there are many affordable DIY hacks you can use to add your personal touch, making sure you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Upcycling old clothes or furniture can create a totally new look for minimal money and maximum impact. Follow these tips for ways to customise everything from your look, your tech products, your bike and even your bedroom furniture. Have fun with it, and not only will have you a completely new look, but you’ll also have had a good time in the process.

Customise your look

Before you panic that customising your clothes and personalising your look will mean you have to be an expert at sewing, think again. There are so many ways to re-style your clothes without ever needing to pick up a sewing needle so do not let your lack of sewing skills put you off. For example, try transforming an old stretchy long-sleeved t-shirt into a cute original skirt in less than 30 seconds by stepping into and pulling the top on just like you would a skirt, with the neckline at your waist, and tying the sleeves around your waist like a belt. Not only will you be the only one with this skirt but also you have the pleasure of telling everyone how easy it was for you to create. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on artfully distressed jeans when you could simply create your own. Using a piece of sandpaper, a craft knife and a fabric marker of your colour choice, simply sand down small areas, carefully scrape those patches with the craft knife, and then colour in using the fabric marker pen to stain them. For t-shirts and tops that need a new lease of life try cutting off the collar and hems, or cut a slit in one side and use it to tie an eye-catching bow.

Your tech products

There are many ways you can customise and personalise your tech products. Visit online shopping sites such as Etsy to find an array of stickers for your laptops or colourful bright covers. Customise your smartphone case to make sure it reflects your personality and stands out from the crowd. You could decorate your phone yourself using nail polish to paint a design, and protect it with a clear plastic case once it has dried. Or buy a customised cover for your phone that will not only make sure people know it’s yours but also protect it from any drops or bumps. Read more here about how you can customise your phone using your favourite pictures, your name or even a gold monogrammed design.

Your bike

If you want your bike to stand out from the pack and be easy to spot when you leave it among many others on a bike rack then customise it yourself. Use coloured tape to wrap around the handlebars and create striking patterns. Customise the frame by spray-painting it a solid base colour and then use high-quality pens to decorate all over it. Once your masterpiece is finished seal it with a coat of lacquer. Add a basket to the front of your bike and tie a bunch of bright fake flowers to the basket, thereby making your bike both practical and pretty. Add colourful accessories such as decals and stickers to the frame and personalise your bike wheels by adding bright spoke beads that will click as you ride. Or to make an impact after dark try adding three different coloured lights on your wheel spokes at various heights, which will create a wonderful rainbow wheel effect as you cycle.

Your furniture

When it comes to your bedroom furniture, you can change the look without needing to buy a whole new set. For example, to update your chest of drawers why not choose vintage mismatched knobs for each drawer? Or paint each drawer a different colour to give a rainbow effect to your room. A simple lick of paint can transform any tired old piece, and you could even paint the side of a closet with chalkboard paint, giving you a great place to display your artwork, doodles or notes to yourself. Create bespoke shelving by buying copies of your favourite books and transforming them into floating shelves in your bedroom. Simply measure the book and mark where you want the shelve to be, drill two brackets into the wall to rest your book on, measure the thickness of the book and drill another bracket on top, thereby wedging your book in and creating a sturdy and stable little shelf unique to you. Use bright spray paints to easily and quickly transform any photo frames you want to liven up.

Your jewellery

If you would like to be the only one wearing a unique piece of jewellery but can’t afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a rare diamond ring, then think about creating your own. Not only are some of these ideas easy to do, but they also look great and will be sure to get people asking which expensive boutique store you bought them in. Try making eye-catching dangly earrings using a series of bobby pins painted in stripes with nail polish, hooked over a fabric loop attached to an earring hook. Easy. Make a shiny chevron bracelet using three pieces of coloured string or coloured leather cord and small golden nuts bought for a few cents at the local hardware store. Plait the string or cord and thread a new nut on after each turn until you have the perfect bracelet.

Other items

Of course, you can customise and personalise many other elements. For example, it is easy to get your favourite photos printed onto a mug, a cushion or a tea towel, and they will be sure to make you smile each time you make a cup of tea. You can even send your post using personalize real U.S. stamps, making sure your first-class letters make an impression as they arrive with your favourite photo as the postage stamp. Such personalised gifts aren’t just for yourself, either, but they make great gifts, whether the recipient is a friend or family member.

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