#CocoInteriors : The most popular bedroom designs of 2017

We’re always keen to see which trends the nation’s interior design experts come up with in their bids to make our homes more stylish.

And it seems that the humble bedroom has been the focal point of many home decor devotees’ efforts this year with everything from simple wooden beds to elaborate bedside rugs getting plenty of attention.

But what are the most popular bedroom designs that have taken the UK by storm in 2017?

Scandinavian style

As the year began with plenty of lifestyle books advocating clean living and cosy home decor, it gave us all the chance to embrace the hygge and fill up our bedrooms with faux-fur throws, twinkling tea lights, and tasteful folk-art.

But this Scandinavian look wasn’t all about cloying sentimentalism as it demanded we kept our colour palettes restrained, and advocated minimalism as the guiding light for our design efforts.

So that whether this meant trying to be enthusiastic about grey as the colour of the year, or even taking a warmer option with a wooden bed from Bedstar, it showed that there was plenty of mileage in the Scandinavian style.

Boho chic

The bohemian look has been another massive hit in our bedrooms in 2017. From the extravagant use of ‘tribal’ textures in our soft furnishings, to the new-found passion for succulent plants, it seems that there was a definite shift towards some hippy-friendly design schemes.

This could be seen as a long overdue backlash to the brutalist trend of recent times. But whatever the reason, you knew that you were never going to be too far away from on-trend items like macrame plant hangers and essential bohemian features like kilim rugs and terracotta pots.

Mid-century charms

And finally, if bohemian style was too weird, and Scandinavian chic was too cutesy, then there was the perfect antidote in the mid-century modern revival.

Whether this was a result of interior designers watching too many episodes of Mad Men is anybody’s guess, but regardless of the reason, it gave us a great opportunity to explore unusual colour tones and hunt down some seriously stylish bedroom furniture.

Although this look is something that might be a little extreme for fans of wooden beds and clean white walls, there is no denying the fact that the mid century modern renaissance has given us plenty of great ideas for updating our bedrooms in 2017.

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