Clean Showroom: NYC

We at House of Coco are all about introducing  Magic to our audience, when and wherever we stumble upon it. With New York City being the fashion capital of the world, it may seem quite the task to distinguish between brands, designers , and showrooms of note worthy status.  Clean showroom has proven to be a name worth mentioning.

Clean Showroom is an International  Men’s Contemporary Showroom with a primary focus on launching emerging International designers into the American market. CLEAN helps artisans build their brands and when they are truly ready, they are launched into the fashion industry amidst the top stores i.e :Barneys, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Fred Segal, Kinfolk, Dover Street Market, Neiman Marcus etc.

Clean Showroom has a very tight and curated line up, in which it currently represents:

KHND Studios of Stockholm, Sweden

Roamers & Seekers of London, UK

Significant Problems of New York , NY


“Our business is aiding in the creation and strategic development of the factors that make brands great in the long term.”- James Carter, Clean Showroom Owner.


Carter’s vision for Clean Showroom is one that is strategic and direct. The simplistic approach enables CLEAN’s audience to have a clear illustration of the overall objective behind the forthcoming showroom. Carter’s extensive experience in the fashion industry has made Clean Showroom one of the leading brand building agencies in the US. Having a full circle of knowledge of the apparel industry    Carter has been able to bring his experience and knowledge to the wholesale side of this business helping buyers make the most profitable decisions. He has been able to spot the next trends and relay this message to his staff and list of NY & LA based clients, pushing CLEAN Showroom  to the forefront of success.

IG: clean.showroom


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