An Evening Dinning at Quality Eats

When the House of Coco team thinks of a noteworthy dinning experience, a few key qualifiers come to mind instantly. Ambience, superbly handcrafted cuisine, and exceptionally accomdating service are at the top of the list. A steamy warm Tuesday evening dinning at Quality Eats offers all of these factors and more.

Quality Eats is a lively restaurant locatated on the Upper East Side and West Village of Manhattan, New York. The Dinning establishment uses the best ingredients, providing delicious and flavor filled dishes to each guest.

A lean and well skilled staff, host welcomed guests each evening. Though each location is small, the quaint atmosphere offers an evening of tasty and unique food selections; like the Grilled Nueske’s Bacon starter. Which is a combination of peanut butter, bacon, and  jalapeño jelly.

Guests will be pleased with a menu of well prepared meats and exquisitedly concocted side dishes.

Without question, Qulity Eats should be the next stop of any true food lovers list of dinning MUST! An Evening Dinning at Quality Eats is one to remember.

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