A London Escape At The Hospital Club

There’s something to be said for an escape.  Whether it be a weekend jaunt to the coast or a sabbatical from work to explore the nether regions of the globe, here at House of Coco, we’re all for locking our front door and hitting the road.  The thing is, you don’t need to travel far to escape.  You can even leave your office job at 6pm, travel a few minutes down the road to central London and have a Wednesday night break at a swanky hotel as lifestyle writer Amy Cowley did just last week.  Here, she tells us more…

Private members clubs can invoke a slight shudder.  Think la-di-da types paying through the roof to be seen sipping exponentially pricy cocktails by their frenemies.  It’s a scene, albeit a popular one, that some might not take kindly to.

But then there’s The Hospital Club.  Located in the heart of Covent Garden, this unique private members club, founded by Dave Stewart (yes, he of Eurythmics fame) is designed specifically for members of the creative industries. The seven storey building has an award-winning TV and music studio, a gallery, restaurant and bars, a screening room, a live performance space and, most recently, hotel rooms.

On entering the club, you immediately notice the difference.  There are no pretences here, just genuine people (who may or may not be talking about their Game of Thrones audition) surrounded by interesting artwork, a relaxed setting and a space to nurture and grow talent.  La-di-das be gone.

The Hospital Club has a strong reputation for supporting and showcasing emerging creative talent. As part of its Bedroom Art Programme, an artist from the Club’s community has been assigned a bedroom to curate and exhibit examples of their work.  Our room for the night was designed by David Degreef-Mounier, using wood to bring the walls, décor and whole room to life.  It’s a fantastic way to not only add visual impact, but help support the local community and members.  The room is so stunning that even the LG TV hanging on the wall looks like a piece of art in its own right.  LG features heavily in the entire club, which makes sense as LG are the official technology partner to The Hospital Club.  Televisions and speakers look the part throughout as its simple, tasteful designs blend in seamlessly with the rest of the club’s décor.



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A look at the restaurant’s menu online does not immediately invoke excitement – it all sounds rather standard.  But in the tasting, it’s anything but.  A simple prawn cocktail is given a new lease of life with a tangy dressing and roast Pollock shines when sitting atop yellow beans, shallots and sun dried tomatoes.  Breakfast is also a delight with warm baked bread, freshly pressed juices and big Burford Brown eggs to kick any day off to a sensational start.

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It’s easy to see why people want to become members of The Hospital Club.  With a vibe that encourages creation and an offering that seeps quality, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to get away – right in the heart of London.  If you don’t have a spare £850 lying around for membership fees, fear not.  Just book yourself a hotel room, prop yourself up at the bar and treat yourself to a night (or two) of blissful escapism.


The Hospital Club

24, Endell Street

020 7170 9100


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